What You Need to Know before Purchasing Brand New or Second Hand Pallet Racking for Sale

What You Need to Know before Purchasing Brand New or Second Hand Pallet Racking for Sale

What You Need to Know before Purchasing Brand New or Second Hand Pallet Racking for Sale

Material handling is an essential aspect of product distribution. It helps maintain the steady supply of products on the market even amidst setbacks in manufacture. Therefore, it is only right to give precedence to investing in highly-efficient warehouse management, which may include the application of innovative storage designs. One particular element that you should include in your warehouse design is a pallet racking system. This storage system, whether it’s a set of brand new or used pallet racking and shelving systems, has been the storage system of choice for most material handling businesses across New South Wales.

Installing a pallet racking system is not your ordinary business chore. It is considered a major project given not just its high cost but also the operational downtime it may entail. Fortunately, AGAME Universal is here to take care of that for you. Handing it over to professionals like us helps you minimise potential risks that surround the intricacies of the installation. Here are some of the problems you can avoid if you partner with us:

  • Inefficient Layout. The goal is to make best use of your storage space. This means every inch of your floor and wall must have a specific purpose that is essential to your business. Without professional help, you won’t be able to achieve this and, in fact, you will find out in the end that a huge portion of your space is laying idle.
  • Incorrect Size. While AS: 4084 2012 provides us with standard dimensions for pallet racking systems, those dimensions are only based on general storage specifications. Having inadequate knowledge on pallet racking system sizes and designs only leads to building a structure that isn’t suitable for the specific products you are storing, and that could cause major interruptions and probably losses in your operation.
  • Collapse. Perhaps this is the worst possible issue you might encounter if your pallet racking system isn’t installed by our team, and it can be caused by a number of things, including using substandard materials, failure to consider all critical factors, and poor workmanship. This issue could cost you millions of dollars in lost property.

Considerations When Designing a Pallet Racking System

We at AGAME Universal tackle pallet racking system design and installation in a unique yet ultra-effective fashion. Our approach enables us to see through every aspect that affects the overall performance of the pallet racking system and its impact on your business as a whole. Here are some of the most critical factors we take into account.

  1. Size and Weight of the Product – The first question we ask ourselves when we’re designing a pallet racking system is “what products will be stored?”, and by “what” we mean everything about the products, including how heavy and big they are. The answer to that question will pretty much set things into motion, as it will help us determine the correct dimension as well as the correct safety factor to use in constructing the pallet racking system.
  2. Available Space in the Warehouse. It’s easy to think big when designing a pallet racking system. In fact, because this system is flexible and can be made to stretch far and wide, the design choices are practically limitless. Nevertheless, it can be limited by the size of the warehouse, or more specifically by the space inside the warehouse intended for storage. This is why we do not start brainstorming with our clients without seeing their warehouse and everything in it for ourselves first.
  3. Future Plans. Assembling a pallet racking system may seem easy when you see our team doing it, but it actually takes many years of continuous training and actual field experience to perfect. This isn’t something your regular in-house utility personnel can handle on their own. So if you have future plans for your warehouse, for instance renovation or expansion, you should discuss it with us so that we can factor that in the design, too. We can make all the necessary adjustments to make it facilitate the implementation of your desired changes in the future without having to dismantle and relocate a portion of the system on your own.
  4. Fire, Life, and Safety. The pallet racking design shouldn’t be all about how much money you can make but also about keeping your entire warehouse disaster-free and safe for everyone. Then again, ensuring the safety of your warehouse still has to do with profit because you will be avoiding repair and stoppage cost. We seriously take this aspect into account as well, so we immediately research on local building codes. This way, you can also be safe from any liabilities related to accidents at work.
  5. Seismic Classifications. Even if the potential for an earthquake in your area is too low, it still has a particular seismic classification that must be taken into consideration when designing a pallet racking system. This is because any minor ground movement could have a tremendous impact on the stability of the system, and if you exceed the tolerance set with your location’s seismic classification, your structure might be at risk of collapse even at a low-magnitude tremor.
  6. Mechanism and Technology. Today’s pallet racking systems are equipped with additional features that allow for quick and easy storage and access of products. You can even automate your pallet racking system to reduce cost on manpower and improve the space efficiency of your entire warehouse at the same time. This has to be factored in the design as well if you want to incorporate it early on.

Now that you have a good sense of how complex pallet racking system installation can be, perhaps you can rethink any plan of going DIY or hiring an inexperienced contractor. You will be making a lot of money out of a well-designed storage system so better not cut cost on your pallet racking system design and installation. It does not matter if you opt for a second hand pallet racking for sale, or brand new, as long as it is installed by a world-class installer like AGAME, your investment will definitely pay off.