The Key Financial Benefit of Pallet Racking Compliance Inspections.

Compliance inspections drive a key financial benefit for your business: the return on your investment (ROI) on your pallet racking investment. After a professionally conducted inspection any identified defects or issues will give opportunities for preventative maintenance which will save your business from possibly more major expenses in the future where pallet racking doesn’t meet compliance requirements.

Regular preventative maintenance will also give your business the peace of mind that worker safety in operational environments is receiving the attention it must have. This continuing focus will support your company’s safety culture overall as well.

Are You Aware of AS4084-2012 Pallet Racking Inspections? Racking Inspections Are A Compliance Issue.

Think about your warehouse operations and how many times your forklifts are serviced or the fire hydrants inspected. Systems and logs books mean that these types of simple checks are regularly done and the operational benefits are gained.

Yet some businesses seem to “get the small stuff right” while leaving their biggest operational investment – warehouse pallet racking – fall behind in both inspections and maintenance.

The reality is that this is not an option. Regular pallet racking inspections are required as a compliance matter by AS4084-2012.

As mentioned before – these types of regular activities are best maintained with a log system backed up by company process. For details on AGAME Universal’s pallet racking safety inspection please contact us on T: (02) 9838 7770.

What is AS4084-2012?

This Standard sets out minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking in the limit states method.

You can purchase a copy of Standards Australia’s AS 4084-2012 online, in both hard copy and digital download through SAI Global. Section 8.2 specifically details information on inspections.

What’s Next? Book Your AGAME Universal Annual AS4084-2012 Pallet Racking Inspection!

AGAME Universal is a leading specialist in the planning, design, construction and installation of world class storage solutions for industrial & commercial space across a wide range of industries.

AGAME Universal is a one-stop-shop for your on-going warehouse storage requirements. We’ve built long term business relationships providing proven reliable solutions & over time we continue working with our customers by updating solutions as they grow & their requirements change.

AGAME Universal customers enjoy an extra level of service through our Pallet Racking Inspection register. And in addition to this benefit, AGAME Universal doesn’t only do inspections, we have the capability to do any required repairs as well

Register to be on our log system irrespective of whether or not your pallet racking was installed originally by AGAME Universal. Simply contact us on (02) 9838 7770 for further discussions and to arrange a free initial consultation to review your requirements.


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