5 Strategies For Promoting Efficiency In The Warehouse Environment

Efficiency is key in the shipping and storage industry. Even if your warehouse appears to be running smoothly, there is always room for improvement. Efforts to review and revamp your current setup and operations can eliminate waste, boost your profits and limit the likelihood of loss and injuries. Following are five best practices for ensuring better performance in you warehouse overall.

Make Data Accessible At All Levels Of Your Organisation
Recording and tracking systems should allow for the sharing of important data throughout all levels of the company. This is one of the most effective strategies for promoting improvements in both efficiency and accuracy. Faster access to warehouse data can lead to a substantial decrease in cycle times. This is especially true when increased data access is paired with adequate manpower.

Optimise Performance With Labour Management Tools

The only way to make truly data-driven decisions when it comes to staffing your warehouse is to invest in high-tech, labour management tools. With an in-depth understanding of your labour needs, you can avoid over-staffing on slow days while preventing the build-up of pallets in receiving areas on days that are excessively busy. With adequate manpower, you can also avoid product theft and a host of other security-related issues by simply ensuring that all SKUs are exactly where they’re expected to be.

Achieve Proper Light Distribution

Invest in high-quality warehouse lighting for optimal visibility. Storage facilities are often dark environments that do not account for the benefits of sufficient illumination. This is due in large part to poor pairings of specific pallet racking systems and lighting fixtures. If your warehouse racking is rectangular, circular fixtures will not provide enough light at each level or way down near the floor. Work with your pallet racking company and lighting supplier to choose elements that complement one another perfectly. When people can see better, they’ll work faster and make fewer mistakes.

Make Ongoing Training A Top Priority

Regularly training your employees is the best thing that you can do in your efforts to establish continuous improvement. New training breaks bad habits while deeply ingraining new and far better ones. It also prepares employees for the necessary adaptations that must be made when used pallet racking is overhauled or brand new warehouse racking systems are added in. Each time your company and its operations undergo any major change, you’ll want your team members to be aware of the latest and most appropriate safety and efficiency standards.

Put An Inventory Manager In Place

Once your operations achieve a certain volume, you will need a dedicated, full-time person to manage your inventory. This is true even if you’re using the latest and most innovative, integrated platforms for inventory tracking and management. Hiring an inventory manager will free up floor supervisors, warehouse managers and other key players to focus on their own responsibilities. It will also place inventory accountability in the hands of trained professionals who can implement the best, facility-specific solutions for preventing and mitigating loss.

Streamlining your operations is guaranteed to be an ongoing effort. New challenges will constantly arise that render old methods obsolete. With a commitment to good organisation, routine training and investing in the best management resources, tools and technology, however, you can keep your facility running in a smooth and seamless fashion at all times.