Pallet Racking Types

Which Pallet Racking Types Are Best For Your Facility?

There are many different types of pallet racking out there. Making your facility as effective as it can be means choosing the right kind of racking when you first get started with your operations and updating it as necessary for new applications.

At AGAME Universal, we have both new and used racking that will serve any need in the country of Australia. Which kind of racking is best for you? While you’re always welcome to contact us for specific advice, it’s easy to familiarise yourself with the basic kinds of racking.

Double Deep Racking

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Double deep racking is perfect for any facility that maintains a large amount of inventory or that has more inventory than was initially expected. It is specially designed to store items two pallets deep. Using a double entry rack, you can store as many as four pallets deep.

It offers a great amount of storage density for the space, as well as excellent economy. Plus, it’s highly resistant to forklift operator error and the impact damage that might usually result. Frame and beam selectors couple with optional upper-level guide rails to make it easy to use.

Drive In Racking

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When looking for drive in racking, you have two options: Conventional pallet racking that has been reinforced, or purpose-built racking intended for drive in applications. Generally, purpose-built drive in racking provides the best value and more efficient operation.

Drive in racking can come with self-centreing rails that automate the process of realignment. Space efficiency is maximised due to the absence of aisles and cross-beams that typically take up space. Plus, pallets will no longer need to be stacked on top of each other.

Narrow Aisle Racking

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Narrow aisle racking is specialised to ensure that you can handle all your warehouse applications even within a smaller than average space. It has an extremely narrow footprint coupled with high stacking that reduces wasted space. When organised correctly, you’ll achieve rapid throughput without having to sacrifice individual access to each pallet.

Selective Racking

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Selective Racking is a simple and straightforward solution that can be correct in many situations. It is highly economical and provides unfettered direct access to all pallets. This allows it to suit virtually all types of palletised goods and is great for rapid throughput — while still giving you the level of freedom you need to reorganise as necessary.

No Matter What Kind Of Pallet Racking Types You Need, We Are Australia’s Top Experts

Sometimes, getting the most from your warehouse space means combining a variety of different racking types. The precise way that you might want to combine different approaches will depend on a number of factors, including your space, the items being stored, and your budget.

At AGAME Universal, we are Australia’s answer to all of the issues that you might have getting real business value from your warehouse space. We have the widest range of warehouse racking and related items in Australia, with representatives based in Sydney, Wollongong and Newcastle.

Let us help you maximise the benefit you get from your double deep racking, drive in racking, narrow aisle racking or selective racking. Our project leaders are ready to develop a complete plan for your space.

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