Pallet Racking Components

Understanding High Quality Pallet Racking Components From AGAME Universal

To get the most from your pallet racking system, it’s a good idea to know about the critical pallet racking components. These components come together to form all our racking solutions with the assistance of one of our AGAME Universal experts.

The most basic components are:


Frames are upright bracing members joined by bolted bracing.


Beams are load bearing horizontal members that slot into uprights.
Understanding The Most Important Pallet Racking Components


Rack heights up to 30 millimetres are possible with our uprights. Each upright includes symmetrical, hexagon-shaped slots at intervals of 76 millimetres to facilitate adjustment of beam height. Beams can be reversed thanks to these slots. Two finishes are available: Lead-free painted or pre-galvanised.


Baseplates are crucial for performance: They spread the load of the upright beam over a larger area to prevent damage and provide a smooth surface for the upright to be situated on. Sturdy baseplates make it easier to secure the upright to a concrete floor and keep racks level. AGAME can offer a wide range of baseplates.

Beam End Connectors

All beams are welded directly to beam end connectors at the factory. Beam end connectors come with safety locks that help to prevent incidental damage during warehouse operations, especially accidental uplift when forklifts or other pallet handling machines are being used.


Six standard beam types are available from AGAME Universal: RHS beams, stepped beams, channel beams, open beams, boxed beams, and I-Beams. AGAME Universal experts can help you select the appropriate beams for your applications.

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AGAME Universal Pallet Racking Components Are Second To None

All of our pallet racking components are made from the highest quality steel in accordance with all Australian requirements. To learn more about our racking components, simply contact our team members today. We will work with you to plan, deliver, and install your ideal racking system.