New Stockmaster Ladders and Mobile Platforms

New Stockmaster Ladders and Mobile Platforms - image ladders1a1 on Stockmaster Navigator

New Stockmaster Ladders and Mobile Platforms - image ladders2a on Stockmaster WinchTruck

If you need quick access to your higher shelf items by hand, a New Stockmaster Ladder or Mobile Platform is the Solution for you.

Stockmaster Navigator is a very safe and easy to use mobile work platform. It features a Move, Steer and Brake control which eliminates the need for springs, folding steps, wheel brakes and other devices. Taking hold of the control raises the unit to the mobile position and provides easy steering. Release of the control automatically returns Navigator to the stationary mode where it is braked, totally stable and has all four feet in contact with the floor at all times. All skating and movement associated with designs that use springs is eliminated, and there is no movement as the operator moves about the platform.

Stockmaster WinchTruck is a very safe and easy to use stock picker. Items weighing up to 60 kg can be picked, lowered and transported in one action. The whole stock picking process can be safely handled by one person removing the need for a second person to pass items up or down. Featuring a reliable manually operated winch, maintenance costs are minimal, and there is no down time for charging of batteries. Items placed on the lift table can be lowered and moved similar to a fork lift, saving the time to transfer them to a trolley, and reducing the need for trolleys.

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Stockmaster, in every way a SAFE CHOICE!