Maximise Usable Storage Space with Vertical Storage Systems

When it comes to choosing an effective storage system for your business, it is vital to look for designs that make optimal use of the available space. Whether you intend to invest in new or used pallet racking, vertical systems will offer the greatest level of overall efficiency. They’ll help you maximise your usable storage space while creating a setup that is both easy to access and easy to navigate.

Avoid The Costs Of Securing Offsite Storage Solutions

For many companies, increased production and inventory necessitate either a major move or the decision to outsource warehousing to other facilities. Vertical pallet racking systems can increase the available storage area by as much as 400 percent. With the ability to stack goods several levels high and easily retrieve them via forklifts, there is no need to pay a third-party to house and manage inventory. This means that companies can tighten and streamline their supply chains and keep more of their own operations in-house.

Durable, Lasting Storage Solutions That Provide An Optimal Amount Of Safety

Both new and used pallet racking systems are designed and installed by seasoned professionals who have a keen understanding of the related materials and the load bearing capacity of all components. This makes it possible for companies to obtain systems that are best-suited to their own unique products and needs. With vertical systems, you’ll also have the ability to get routine inspections and reporting for ensuring that all storage features remain in compliance with important industry and safety standards.


In addition to greater convenience, accessibility and efficiency, vertical pallet racking can also be surprisingly affordable, even when the costs of routine maintenance have been factored in. Companies with more modest budgets have the option of having used pallet racking installed that is safety-approved and tailored to the needs of their operations. The long-term benefits that these structures provide make them an investment that is more than capable of paying for itself especially when considering the potential loss of time and the inventory damage that can occur when substandard storage solutions are used.

Increased Security

With vertical pallet racking systems, companies also have the benefit of markedly increased security. With these structures in place, only authorised personnel can access products via the lift system. For businesses that accommodate a large flow of traffic throughout their hours of operation, this can serve as an added measure of protection against product loss, vandalism or damages.

Get A Storage Solution That Will Grow With You Business

One of the greatest benefits of opting for a vertical storage system is the fact that it is entirely flexible. You can invest in new or used pallet racking to expand an existing system for increased storage area and greater overall efficiency. Your provider will create a structurally sound plan that incorporates your existing vertical racking and any additional components that you choose to add. You’ll get help with installation and ongoing maintenance for a seamless, safe setup that continues to accommodate the needs of your growing business throughout the years.