Is Your Business Waiting in Line for A Racking Service?

A busy warehouse will generally have a certain level of racking damage occurring regularly.

AGAME Universal has a vast range of customers and our Service team is regularly called out to inspect and repair damaged racking. Damaged racking can quickly become time critical as most warehouses are running at over 95% utilisation hence this lost capacity can severely impact operational efficiency or even worse it can lead to a catastrophic failure.

AGAME Universal Starts an In-House Service Team!

To meet customer needs AGAME Universal has developed an in-house Service team to provide our customers with timely service from a professional crew with additional benefits coming from the same crew conducting repairs:

  • Site awareness and familiarity,
  • No need for constant site inductions,
  • Our crew will develop an understanding of the site and hence can provide recommendations to enhance the site.

A third-party outsourced service team will schedule a repair service when they can fit you in which means your business is waiting in line. And while you’re waiting issues can be compounded:

  • Warehouse operations slow down,
  • Order fulfilment slows and
  • Potential sales are lost.

AGAME Universal backs its Service team with over $1 million of AGAME Universal inventory which means we simply have the best in-stock range of solutions for every service issue that can arise and can actually get on with repairs quickly.

AGAME Universal customers will see the Service team within 7 days of a confirmed service order – simply contact us on (02) 9838 7770.

A Racking Inspection Service for Preventative Maintenance

AGAME Universal racking inspection service can identify defects or issues which gives customers opportunities for preventative maintenance. It’s important to have your racking investment inspected for the following benefits:

  • Improved safety,
  • Protects staff, visitors and the general public,
  • Protects the integrity of your investment,
  • Asset protection.

AGAME Universal is pleased to offer a free Racking Inspection during the months of July and August 2019 for any new customers. Simply contact us on (02) 9838 7770 for further discussions. Or click here to provide your details and we’ll contact you.


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