How a Double Deep Pallet Racking System Works and Why You Need One in Your Warehouse

double deep pallet racking systemWhether you are renovating an old warehouse or building a new one, finding a way to maximise all available storage space should be your first priority. Every square inch of floor space must be put to good use if you want to increase both storage capacity and employee productivity. Here are some of your most critical goals when laying out your warehouse’s storage system:

  •  Reduce as many pallets laying on the floor as possible to increase the amount of space needed for other essential purposes.
  • Comply with all warehouse design and construction codes while still maintaining your ability to generate your desired profit.
  • Simplify the process of loading and picking of pallets.
    Improve worker efficiency and safety.

Thankfully, all of these can be achieved by installing a pallet racking system. This type of storage system allows you not only to increase storage capacity by utilising the abundant vertical space in your warehouse but also to better organise your merchandise.

Depending on the types of merchandise you are storing, your warehouse’s seismic classification, or other factors that influence the design of your warehouse, you can choose among the variety of commercially available pallet racking types. The many different styles and constructions of pallet racking systems are meant to fit a diverse range of needs.

What is double deep racking?

One type of pallet racking that has recently seen a huge boost in popularity is the double deep pallet racking system. This is a last in, first out (LIFO) type of pallet racking that consists of two rows of pallet racks set up back to back instead of providing a space between them like standard pallet racking system designs. The term “double deep” comes from the idea that thicker layers of pallet racks provide more depth and storage density. Here are some of the apparent benefits of double deep pallet racking.

Increased storage density

. You probably haven’t noticed but when you store pallets in a standard rack with access from both sides, you are not maximizing the rack’s storage space. That’s because you are leaving a few inches of space from both edges to prevent the merchandise from falling off. If you add up all of these idle spaces from across your warehouse, they could amount to an entire row of pallets or even more. Studies show that a double deep pallet racking increases a warehouse’s storage capacity by up to 30% more than selective pallet racking does.

By setting up two pallet racks back to back, you can reduce the amount of space needed for securing the merchandise. If you’re worried that accessing the products may be harder as you close one side of one pallet rack with the side of another, don’t be because there are a number of ways you can increase accessibility at the same time. Furthermore, accessing products doesn’t require too much openings, so in actuality the extra open side is just wasted space.

Suitability for Higher Storage Levels

. While a pallet racking system enables you to utilise your warehouse’s vertical space, there’s a limit to how high it can go. Extending beyond the limit may pose risk of collapse even with a stable foundation, especially during an earthquake. A double deep pallet racking system, on the other hand, is suitable for high-rise pallet racking construction because the two rows of pallet racks tend to support each other. It has twice as many footings as a standard selective pallet racking so even a strong earthquake won’t collapse it easily.

Less Expensive but with Higher Return on Investment

. One of the major difference between standard selective pallet racking and double deep racking is the reach mechanism they use. Selective pallet racking, since it allows for dual access from either side of the rack, is often paired with a pantograph (scissors type) reach system, which is undeniably expensive thanks to the complexity of its mechanism. Double deep racking, on the other hand, only requires the more basic telescopic reach system, which is typical of most lower-end forklifts.

Considerations When Building a Double Deep Pallet Racking System

Because of the unique structure of a double deep pallet racking system, its construction also requires some unique considerations. AGAME Universal can help you come up with the most efficient design that takes into account all critical factors, and perform the fastest and safest installation.

Overall Floor Space

. Whatever existing pallet racking layout you have must be completely scrapped if you want to shift to a double deep pallet racking system. Pairing rows of racks will have a tremendous impact on the final layout. While this type of pallet racking can essentially improve the efficiency of your warehouse space, in some cases particularly when there are certain stationary features that have to be factored in, it may not be the ideal choice.


. Due to the increase in depth, placing and accessing pallets may be a bit trickier than in a single-deep racking system, so there are certain safety issues to watch out for. Fitting pallet racking accessories, such as guide rails and wire mesh, to assist forklift operators in locating pallets correctly may help mitigate these issues.

The Need for New Forklifts

. Perhaps the biggest chunk of your budget for using a double deep pallet racking system goes to the purchase of new forklifts, specifically double deep reach trucks. In case you are not ready to make such a big investment, you may also consider installing extension or counterbalance feature on your existing forklifts.

Incorporating new technology, technique, and elements in the design and construction of your warehouse can significantly boost your operation. Using a double deep pallet racking system can particularly increase your throughput. Then again, without the help of experts like AGAME, there’s a big chance you won’t be able to maximise the potential and capacity of your new investment. Let us handle the design and installation of your double deep pallet racking system so that it will yield your target profit.


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