What Causes Pallet Rack Collapses

Pallet Racks Collapse

Warehouse racking is a vital addition to any robust storage and distribution facility. These systems can expedite the fulfillment process, allow for better management and care of valuable products and improve overall workplace safety. This, however, is only true when pallet racking is carefully selected and diligently maintained throughout the years. Countless companies have experienced […]

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Are Pallet Racking Inspections Really Necessary?

inspect pallet rack

Having pallet racking systems inspected is essential for verifying the structural integrity and safety of these important features. It is also a legal requirement of Australian¬†health and safety legislation. These examinations give seasoned professionals the opportunity to identify and resolve areas of damage and stability issues that could prove hazardous to your staff. Moreover, they […]

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Pallet Racks And Falling Item Prevention

pallet racking system

Your pallet racking system should be designed for optimal efficiency. With the right set-up, your employees can quickly pull and organise the products that you warehouse with little risk, minimal manoeuvring and few obstacles. Whether you have new or used pallet racking, routine inspections and ongoing maintenance are critical for preserving high levels of productivity […]

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Are You Inspecting Your Rack Regularly?

Pallet Rack Audit

Regular pallet racking inspections are essential for avoiding liability issues, maintaining compliance with important industry regulations and protecting the health and well-being of both your employees and your overall operations. Whether you’ve invested in new or used pallet racking, independent safety audits must be performed at least once per year. Not only is this mandated […]

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