Are Pallet Racking Inspections Really Necessary?

inspect pallet rack

Having pallet racking systems inspected is essential for verifying the structural integrity and safety of these important features. It is also a legal requirement of Australian¬†health and safety legislation. These examinations give seasoned professionals the opportunity to identify and resolve areas of damage and stability issues that could prove hazardous to your staff. Moreover, they […]

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Tips For Improving Manual/Material Handling Practices In Your Warehouse

Material Handling Equipment

It is essential to implement good material handling practices to ensure the safety of employees and goods in warehouses. This in turn contributes to improvements in supply management as it encourages manual handlers to deliver faster and record unusual orders. In this post, some of the key aspects related to manual material handling practices are […]

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5 of the Storage Facility Hazards That Are Often Missed

Warehouse Safety

Storage facilities are undeniably full of dangers, with some more apparent than others. Generally, the major risks are widely known and plainly identifiable. It is the lesser known risks that can be the most dangerous, specifically if you don’t know what you are looking for. Below are a few common warehouse dangers that you and […]

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Tips on Installing Pallet Racking

Tips on Installing Pallet Racking 1

Improper installation of a pallet racking could pose unexpected risks and can reduce the efficiency of your rack. While it is designed to hold large quantities of merchandise in a confined space, an installation gone horribly wrong could lead to serious damages, which you might not be expecting. Even though the racking is quite strong […]

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Safe Pallet Racking – Is Your Pallet Racking Certified?

Certified Pallet Racking

Business owners and management must always ensure workplace safety to prevent accidents and capital damages. It is important to do an internal scrutiny of all factors relevant to the safety of the workplace to make sure that everyone and everything inside the establishment is protected. Especially for warehouses, one of the most important safety aspects […]

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