Are Warehouse Staff Saying: “We’re Running Out of Space!”

AGAME Universal is a leading specialist in the planning, design, construction and installation of world class storage solutions for industrial & commercial through a range of Pallet Racking Systems and Industrial Shelving Systems. Our customer base has grown massively to include ASX 100 listed companies, specialist private companies & family businesses.

As you can imagine, with a history like our business has enjoyed, we’ve seen a huge range of operational environments and a vast list of issues which our customers have faced.

One of the most common issues we encounter with new clients comes with the battle cry of “We’re Running Out of Space!” which is a common symptom of poor warehouse space utilisation.

Space Utilisation – What Is It and What Are the Common Pain Points?

Warehouse Space Utilisation refers to the operational efficiency with which the warehouse uses its inventory storage capacity. An ineffective or low Warehouse Space Utilisation is going to add an extra level of cost to your business because of the space, overhead and utilities expenses of that underutilised space and the fact that it isn’t being used to generate revenue. Ineffective space utilisation can basically be viewed as an opportunity cost effecting your company profits – every day of the year!

The common pain points relating to low warehouse space utilisation can be summarised as follows:

  • Redundant Processes – caused by inefficient traffic movements which are time consuming, increase labour costs and will generally drive inefficiencies continually
  • Poor Facility Layout – which doesn’t factor in the best use of both the floor space and the vertical space. In addition, storage layout is not uniform
  • Inaccurate Inventory – where mistakes are continually made and compounded due to the above points.
  • A high and increasing 3PL expense – due to the requirement of off-site storage to meet current capacity gaps.

Optimised Space Utilisation – The Starting Point for The Fix

The team of experts at AGAME Universal will consider a customer’s space utilisation problems with a deep review of two areas:

  1. A review of the current warehouse operations where we will clearly consider traffic flows, operational areas, safety and operational processes and policies.
  2. A review of the existing pallet racking systems, their maintenance and repair history. We’ll also consider the pallet racking systems layout and its effect on operational problem areas.

Our team has a combined 200 years of industry knowledge and with this deep review completed we’ll use our experience to develop recommendations for storage and racking solutions that will meet your company’s growing requirements.

Don’t Be Satisfied with Minimal Change – A Review Should Yield Stunning Immediate Benefits

Even small adjustments to your pallet racking systems can result with immediate and dramatic improvements in space utilisation. Past examples of customer success that AGAME Universal has delivered include:

  • After a review of their current warehouse layout and pallet racking AGAME Universal recommended changing beam levels in the current racking. This resulted with an increase in pallet capacity of over 30%.
  • A recent customer review saw the opportunity to add racking space in an underutilised area of their warehouse. With the new pallet racking in place the customer benefited from an immediate increase in capacity of over 2,000 pallet spaces.
  • With a professional skilled review and working closely with our customers in planning and budgets, AGAME Universal regularly delivers opportunities to dramatically increase space utilisation with pallet capacity increasing 100% to 200% (and more in some cases!).

As a starting point consider AGAME Universal Speedlock® System – it provides greater design versatility, maximum safety and world-class load carrying capacity. For details click here.

What’s Next? Review Your Warehouse Space Utilisation – There’s No Downside to This Activity!

Increasing the effectiveness of your warehouse space utilisation can be difficult and at times complex and so some expert assistance can deliver significant value. Simply contact us on (02) 9838 7770 to organise an initial discussion with a AGAME Universal expert to discuss your planning requirements. Or click here to provide your details and we’ll contact you.

A proposal from AGAME Universal will include clear information on the increased pallet space to be delivered, improvements in workflow and uniform storage, a hassle-free project sequence and, most importantly, the potential dollar savings for your business.


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